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Locate a spouse

Locate a spouse

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Where Did Cain Find His Wife?

? “If Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel, where did Cain’s spouse originate from?” The Bible does provide sufficient detail to give a satisfactory answer although this is often asked as a trick question by Bible skeptics.

Genesis chapters 3 and 4 current the following information: (1) Eve had been “the mom of everybody living.” (2) Time elapsed between your delivery of Cain and his offering the sacrifice which was refused by Jesus. (3) After his banishment to be “a wanderer and a fugitive,” Cain stressed that ‘anyone finding him’ might attempt to kill him. (4) God set a sign up to protect Cain, indicating that either his siblings or any other loved ones might make an effort to destroy him. (5) “Afterward,” Cain had sexual intercourse with his wife in “the land of Fugitiveness.”?—Genesis 3:20; 4:3, 12, 14-17. Continue reading Locate a spouse